Enjoy the fresh taste of citrus 

anywhere, with our convenient 

real freeze dried Citrus Spikes™



No. Freeze-Dried fruits can be stored at room temperature in the pantry, drinks cabinet, in your gym locker or backpack ideally under 77ºF

Citrus Spikes are good for two years in the sealed pouch. Once the pouch has been opened, and resealed correctly, the freeze-dried fruit will last for months (Just remember to seal the pouch)!

The only difference from real fruit and REAL freeze-dried fruit is the removal of all the water. So when immersed in your liquid, they actually activate quicker than fresh fruit. Freeze-dried fruit fills the empty cell space once occupied by water and immediately releases the natural flavors into your beverage. (This only takes about a minute!)

The packaging is made of foil and an atmospheric barrier film to help protect from air and light to prevent discoloration and rehydration of the fruits. This is what gives the fruit a long shelf life, so you can always have the convenience of fruit for your beverage close by.

The thing about freeze-dried fruits is that the process enhances the flavor, and unlike other drying processes, does not remove all the water leaving a product that is soft and discolored without the flavor punch and a shorter shelf life.

NOTHING! You purchase a pouch of Lime Citrus spikes, you get a pouch of Lime Citrus Spikes. No additives, preservatives or sugars that are sometimes used in regular drink processes.

NO – they smell great! It’s definitely WOW!

What about them? They are still there! We just remove the water which you can add back, or you can use any choice of liquid that you desire.

We follow the Sun! We source our Citrus Products from both hemispheres, depending on the growing season. Our company has been in the sourcing tropical fruit business for over 20 years, and whose family have been passionately involved in the processed fruit and vegetable industry for more than 70 years. This means we work closely along side our growers to properly ensure full traceability and sustainability.

You have come to the right place! We also sell freeze-dried fruit. www.brothersallnatural.com our freeze-dried fruit can also be added to your favorite beverages, from Strawberries to Mangos, fruits can easily be rehydrated in you beverage or to enjoy side by side as a healthy snack.

Of course! any recipe that calls for Lime, Orange  or Lemon, you have it right here. Rather than squeezing, just crush the spikes it to a powder for an intense burst of flavor.

Citrus Spikes can be added to more than just beer! They can be popped into your water for a fresh flavor, any cocktail, tea, sodas, and more. The combinations are endless!

Citrus fruits undergo non-enzymatic browning (NEB) during the freeze drying process.  Our commitment to you is to not use preservatives to stop this natural reaction.